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Time magazine called it “the best show on television, not just the best science-fiction show”. It pulled in more adults (and more women) than any more typical space opera. And yet there remain people who have never seen an episode because they find the name off-putting. This is their loss, because the 2003-2009 Battlestar Galactica in every way transcends not just its juvenile 1978 source but the sci-fi genre itself. Fans include telly addicts Joss Whedon, himself a genre-buster of distinction, who said, “It’s so passionate, textured, complex, subversive and challenging that it dwarfs everything on TV” and Stephen King, who called it “Beautifully written … and [there’s] not a better acting troupe at work on television.”

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I wrote my dad and email telling him everything I’ve wanted to say since the 11th grade but have been to afraid to. Now he knows I want to die. What he doesn’t know is that I date men his age and it’s his fault. I’m saving that one for the in person meet up that’s bound to happen. God, I hope I never fuck my kids up like this.